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About me


My Story

I am Marit and I am an health coach. When I was young my mother raised me to be conscious about the consequences of what you eat. I didn’t get artificial sugar as a child and we always tried to eat in a balanced way. But during a busy life as a student in New York and Amsterdam and after that as a performing violinist it went to the background. Of course this came with being tired with energy up and downs, brain fog, difficulties with sleeping and getting sick more often. I somehow didn’t make the link between my lifestyle and how I was feeling. Till I got pregnant. The responsibility and respect for this new life made me eat healthy, I was physically active, took rest, avoided stress and made me really listen to what my body needed. I had never felt better. I was reading a lot about health, it became a healthy obsession. I kept the lifestyle after my baby was born. Me and my husband both. And even though we, as new parents, didn’t sleep much and had to get used to this new life, we felt more energetic than before we had a baby! 
Then the pandemic hit. All my concerts got canceled and for the first time in my life I had time to focus on something else then music. I wanted to use this time well and I started my education at the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition. Already during my study I started to work with people on improving their health. I loved being able to actually use all the things I have learned over the time. And then I noticed how many people want help in this field and how much I loved working with them. I graduated and coaching is now a part of my new life!

How I work

As an Intergrative Nutrition Health Coach I will be your partner and your guide towards a new lifestyle in which nutrition and wellbeing get a high priority. Everybody has different needs and we will together look at what foods will nourish you the best. We focus on positivity. About what you want to eat, especially once you notice on what foods you thrive, and not on what you should not be eating. So we establish a healthy relationship with food. At the same time we look at all other aspects of life that feed you. Your career, relationships and friendships, financial situation, stress levels, physical activities, home environment, self care and so on. Because if one part of your life has an imbalance you are likely to have difficulties doing the best thing for yourself. Everything is connected. Together we will look for what feeds you in every way. With that you will have your pocket full of tools that you can use to be feeling your best. 

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